January 22, 2018

These British soldiers just broke a record by becoming the first all-female group to cross Antarctica using only muscle power

Damage to Turkish Leopard tanks in Syria during anti Kurdish operation

The Russian Pacific Fleet is on fire

USMC operating F-35B on sloped landing pads

The U.S. Marine Corps has constructed sloped landing pads of various gradients at MCALF Bogue in order to gauge how the F-35B performs on such surfaces.

Qatar Armed Force and British Army concluded "ORYX ENDEAVOUR" exercise in Qatar desert

Almaz Antey - Russia S-400 Triumph Air Defence Missile System

Chinese PLAAF Cold Winter Combat Capabilities | CCTV Chinese International

Turkish tank was destroyed by #YPG fighters in Afrin

January 21, 2018

Turkey mobilises its Islamic terrorist proxy forces from Syria's al-Bab for an offensive in Afrin

Erdoclown rabble-rouser

Taking Turkey to a new war

Turkey deploys its own proxy group FSA fighters to Syria's Azez region.

Turkey deploys its own proxy group FSA fighters to Syria's Azez region. 20 busses were photographed as crossing border gate between Turkish town of Ceylanpinar and Syria's Ras Al Ain.

Turkish fighter in minivan displays the sign of decapitating heads to onlookers as the convoy of Turkey-backed rebels in Afrin

Turkey launched air strikes and artillery fire on Syria

China’s S-400 components damaged by storm during delivery

A ship carrying components for China’s first S-400 air defense missile system encountered a heavy storm and the components were damaged.

Europe's steepest funicular railway launches in Switzerland

January 20, 2018

Turkey’s newest electronic warfare system spotted near border with Syria

The new Turkey-made electronic warfare system, called the KORAL, was spotted near the Syrian-Turkish border.

According to the local source, the Turkish Armed Forces deploys the new KORAL electronic warfare or jamming system a stretch of the Turkish-Syrian border around the northern city of Afrin.

The KORAL truck-mounted electronic warfare system developed and manufactured by Aselsan for the Turkish Armed Forces. The KORAL is able to search for, intercept, analyze, classify, and find the direction of multiple conventional and complex types of radar signals.

A complete Koral EW system, including four Koral Electronic Support Systems (ED) and one Electronic Attack System (ET), is mounted on two 8×8 military trucks. The vehicles can be up to 500 m away from each other, communicating via fiber-optic cables.

KORAL System is operated by two operators within the Operation Control Unit (OCU), one Electronic Support Operator for the detection, analyisis and DF functions and, one EA Operator for jamming, deception and source allocation functions. Additionally the Supervisor within the OCU handles the operation coordination and communication with the other KORAL Systems and commands.

The OCU incorporates three multifunctional consoles to achive these roles. OCU is in compliance with NATO standards and also supports NBC protection.According to the current information, Turkey prepares for a military operation into Afrin in northern Syria as part of an extension of Turkey’s Euphrates Shield Operation, the declared goal of which was to target Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and drive Kurdish forces out of their enclaves in northern Syria.

Over the past few days, international media have been reporting about Turkish troops, tanks and armored vehicles rolling towards the Syrian border.

Saudi Royal has Apaches parked at his palace - 24.735281 46.568810

PLAAF - 5×J-16, 9×J-11BS, 3×J-11B, 3×Su-30MKK

Eurofighter 360 degree video at Moron Air Base

Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base first MQ 9 Reaper flight

Norwegian Armor in Action in Winter Snow

January 19, 2018

French Air Force - C 130J

Textron Systems - Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle CUSV

Washing day at the Bundeswehr - armored car wash in Klietz

Islamic State Releases Pictures Showing Raid On SAA Positions Near Sinjar City In Idlib

709th Military Police Battalion. GERMANY

Islamic State Releases Pictures Showing Suicide Bombing On SDF Position In Deir Ezzor

Al Qaeda In The Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Releases Spy Film "Secrets"

Al Qaeda In The Arabian #Peninsula (AQAP) Releases Spy Film "Secrets, Its Dangers & The Departure Of The Best Of Us" Admits Considerable Loss In Its Strength By Informers & Drones Strikes, Warns Followers About Methods Of Counter-Terrorism Ops

Islamic State Shows Off Tank Seized From SAA Near Abu Duhur Airbase In Idlib

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Claims Responsibility For Suicide Attack On Police Vehicle In Malir Cantonment Area Of Karachi, Releases Picture Of Suicide Bomber

Indian Air Force C-130J transits through Grand Forks AFB

An Indian Air Force C-130 Hercules is refueled and given routine maintenance Jan. 13, 2018, after landing at Grand Forks Air Force Base, N.D. before heading to McChord AFB, Wash. for exercise Vajra Prahar. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Elora J. Martinez)

Islamic State Releases Pictures Showing Raid On SAA Positions In Hama

India conducts 5th test of its Agni-V nuclear 5,000-km range ballistic missile

Watch how the JMSDF rescues a downed pilot using the US-2

January 18, 2018

Korea Future Technology - Method V2 Robot Testing

Yes, this is the Danish Prime Minister greeting F-16s at 16,000ft from a C-130

Never seen before that close ... the Chinese KJ-500's radome in close-up

Landing of the Russian aircraft of the Southern Military District on the motorway in the Rostov region

CCTV- Shield of China - Story of development of Chinese Radars

Spitfire - This sound is incredible

January 17, 2018

Flight Ready P 8A Poseidon Guardian of the Seas

Russian drone shot down in Syria

Indian Army PARA (SF) riding customised Polaris ATV

Taliban Releases Pictures Showing Its Fighters Graduates From Training Camp In Saripul

Taliban Releases Pictures Showing Its Fighters Graduates From Training Camp In Saripul

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